Product and Packshot Photography Services

The Marketing Alchemy product photography service can supply extra imagery for your projects.

Our studio generates images capable of being reproduced larger than A3 size in litho print.

The cutout photography service includes a free cutout to white and a clipping path. Images are shot with a wide depth of field, to give pin sharp focus front to back, often using multiple exposures.

The creative photography service is shot with a choice of backgrounds and a variety of techniques such as selective focus, filters or effects and can include props, to create impactful images.

Choose Your Shooting Angles

Cutout Photography

  • 1 Shot – £39.00 per Shot
  • 2-9 Shots – £35.00 per Shot
  • 10-19 Shots – £30.00 per Shot
  • 20-29 Shots – £25.00 per Shot
  • 30-49 Shots – £20.00 per Shot
  • 50+ Shots – Contact Us

Additional Charges

  • 2-3 Items in 1 Shot – Extra £15.00 per Shot
  • 4-5 Items in 1 Shot – Extra £20.00 per Shot
  • Complex Cutouts – From £15.00 per Shot
  • Drop Shadows – From £15.00 per Shot
  • Garment Preparation – Extra £8.00 per Shot
  • Custom Background – £49.00 per Setup

Creative Photography

  • 1-9 Shots – £89.00 per Shot
  • 10+ Shots – £69.00 per Shot

Additional Charges

  • Props (If Required) – At Cost Agreed
  • Image Retouching – £60.00 per Hour

All prices shown are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%. Cutout photography prices are based on one item/per shot.

Additional charges apply for additional items appearing in each cutout shot, such as packaging, extra products or component parts. Creative photography prices are charged per setup, so they can contain multiple items in a shot at no extra charge.

Products are photographed on a pure white background then cut out, therefore all original shadows are removed. However if you require shadows or reflections included, these can be recreated for an extra charge from £15 plus VAT per shot.

Products shot using the cutout photography service that contain complex edges such as jewellery, textile, fur or hair, may be subject to a surcharge from £15 plus VAT per shot. This is to cover the extra work to create the cutout. Please enquire if in doubt.

Products shot using the creative photography service may employ selective focus techniques or use creative lighting effects, therefore it is not possible to offer a cutout with these images. If you require a cutout, this will have to be shot separately at additional cost.

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